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At this date I have not received tool and supply lists from our State Technical Chairs. Please inform your contestants to bring the tools and supplies listed in the 2012 SkillsUSA National Technical Standards (attached) to the Oregon State Competition.

Since our contests are shorter than the 8 hour national contests please remember not all tools and supplies listed will be used. Contest attire should be close to that described in the National Technical Standard. Clothing must be clean and in good condition – no holes! At this date do not order National Contest Clothing. Have the students look professional.

I recommend that your contestants bring adequate tools to complete what the national contest indicates they will be tested on. All contestants should carry a pen and a pencil. All contestants need to turn in to each contest they are entered in, a resume and a completed knowledge test (name on the back and contestant number added at state conference).

Commercial Baking Contestants also please bring 2 -6 or a 12 hole regular size muffin pan(s).

Culinary Arts Contestants also please bring 4 sizes of pots and pans w/lids for preparing a meal and 2 dinner plates, 2 salad plates, 2 soup bowls, and 2 dessert plates for presentation.

Precision Machining Contestants also bring 1 set of parallels, de-burr tool, file.

As an advisor this has always been a frustrating piece for me. If you can help me put together a basic tool list for contests I believe it should be sent out with the Spring Mailer rather than the last minute. Our Technical Chairs are extremely busy and we do really appreciate them. A basic list would take the burden off of them.

If anyone can get me a basic tool list for any contest I will send it out ASAP.

See you next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a good restful weeknd.



Please see Precision Machining additions below.

Equipment needs the tool list for fabrication has been sent out to all.

Precision machining


hss cutting tool for lathe blank

hss parting off tool for lathe 1/8″ blank

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